About Steve


Steve's Story

Steven Szczebiot was born in 1979 in Islington, North London and started drawing at a young age. He studied art in secondary school but fell away from the subject after some tricky teenage years. He left school early and started working as an administrator in various office roles. At 18, to beat the drudgery of his daily work, Steve took up one of his other loves, street dancing. For the next 10 years he would train in the evenings and weekends at Pineapple studios in London. Every now and again Steve would pick up a pencil and draw, but it was a love he believed would never be requited.

At the age of 29 Steve graduated from university with a BA in Creative Writing and History. Whilst on the course he bumped into a friend who had switched from studying creative writing to fine art. Although he thoroughly enjoyed regaining his education at university, at that meeting he began to realise how much he did regret not studying the subject he truly loved.

After graduating Steve left the UK to travel and work through Australia and Asia. During his time in Australia, he started to visit art galleries and began to reconnect with painting again. After 8 months away he returned to the UK, lost and without a plan.

At this point he started to draw. For the next five years he drew from his imagination, life and then after building up enough courage, he started copying master drawings. From there he began to attend life drawing sessions at the Princes’ Drawing School - and especially enjoyed the classes held by artist James Lloyd.

Steve fell in love with the craft of drawing, but his frustration began to grow at his inability to translate that love into painting. He attended painting classes in London but these experiences were fruitless and did not teach the basics of painting that he was so hungry to learn.

In December 2014, Steve moved to Melbourne with his wife, Jacinta. Within a short space of time he found a painting teacher and artist called Jeff Murphy, who offered him private painting lessons in tonal impressionism. Steve studied under Jeff for six months and finally learnt how to technically begin a painting.

After his time with Jeff, Steve began classes at Montsalvat under the tutelage of artist and teacher Don James. Thanks to Don's guidance, Steve has finally begun his journey to become the painter he has always wanted to be.